The problem

You've written your create-react-app application using absolute imports resolved from e.g. a folder named src but when you run your tests you get a message like this:


The explanation

You may have configured Webpack or the TypeScript compiler to resolve absolute imports from the src folder but Jest doesn't yet know about that configuration.

You can tell Jest about your absolute import resolution strategy by passing another option to the default create-react-app test script. Specifically, it's Jest's modulePaths option that makes this possible.

The solution

To use Jest's modulePaths option, add --modulePaths=src to the end of the test script in your package.json. If your imports resolve from the src folder, for example, you would change the script to this:


Although the image above shows the option being passed to react-scripts-ts it should work for regular react-scripts as well. Now if you run your tests Jest is able to resolve your absolute imports.